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GUMBIES founder Michel Maurer discovered the Aboriginal rite of passage at the age of 16, when he and his familiy migrated to Down Under. Australia then was a mystical land and still relatively undiscovered. 


His thirst for freedom and adventure, his creativity and his ideas to make things out of discarded bits and pieces got Michel to a point in life, where he was ready to transform his ideas into reality. A brand and a product that would reflect his passion for simplicity, necessity and most importantly - freedom. At the same utilising natural materials, based on a strong ethical foundation, but with a visible point of difference. The quest for the perfect flip-flop had begun.


The "Islander" flip-flop, also known as the 1000-miler, was conceived.


He set about exploring the use of recycled rubber, bonding it with jute for strength and sandwiching an EVA midsole for comfort, topping it with canvas for a more natural touch to the skin. Finishing off with vibrant, but contemporary colours, each one tells a story - a blank canvas to express his beliefs and unique view of the world. 


Gumbies are now enjoyed globally, celebrating the outdoors, freedom, fun and functionality. 


We believe life is too short for complication. Keep it simple! Ride a wave, climb a mountain, wear Gumbies!




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